By Ms. Andrea DePiro
March 08, 2018

On February 17, 2018, a current FCPS and former AES student completed his Eagle Scout project at Armstrong Elementary School.  Prior to the start of the project, the student presented a comprehensive plan to create a green screen to enhance student projects and the daily morning school news show. The plan included an explanation of how to build a foldable green screen for easy storage and how he planned to get the materials at no cost to the school.  In addition to this project, the student asked for teacher tasks that could also be included in his project, and as a result, the volunteers on the day of the project also cleaned library books.  

On the day of the project, this former AES student showed great leadership with his team.  He demonstrated and modeled how to use the tools and the tasks that needed to be done.  There were scouts of various ages and he was very careful to match them with age-appropriate tasks.  This student was very successful at managing all adult volunteers.  As tasks were completed, he was able to regroup volunteers and assign them a new task. 

The project has added a new instructional resource to Armstrong Elementary.  The classroom teachers are creating ways to use the green screen for sixth-grade technology projects.  I am very proud of the way that our former student and his volunteers were able to work together in order to create a new learning tool for Armstrong Elementary.  He is a terrific leader and showed great organizational skills and patience.