KPOP Crew Makes the World a Better Place at Armstrong Elementary

By Communication and Community Relations Staff
November 06, 2017

Armstrong Elementary School fifth grader Annie is the perfect example of someone who made lemonade out of lemons. After losing an election to become school vice president, she realized that she didn’t need to be a school officer to enact change. So Annie took a proposal about a cause that had personal meaning to her—cleaning up trash around her house—to Armstrong Elementary and met with school principal James Quinn. With his support, Annie founded the KPOP (Kids Protecting Our Planet) Crew. She mobilized to attract volunteers by making posters and visiting a local Home Depot to ask for bucket donations, whose manager responded generously by providing her the tools she needed.

Annie holds monthly cleanup projects at Armstrong. Of KPOP’s success, she says, “It was so much fun! After just our first time, one girl was so inspired that she went home and picked up trash all around her neighborhood!” The group also has its own cheer.

School-Based Technology Specialist Carrie Pratt says, “I’m so impressed with Annie. She continues on with her passion and care for others while still making her promise and commitment for a clean school. She is a true transformational leader!”

KPOP is a family project for Annie; her sister is part of the group’s leadership and her parents donate T-shirts to every member of the KPOP Crew. They also hosted an information session about identifying and avoiding poison ivy while participating in cleanups.

The group plans to hold cleanup projects on a monthly basis throughout the school year.