Ms. Howell Wins FCPS Cares!

By Kelsey Prada
June 23, 2020

Congratulations to Ms. Howell! Please read the submission that won her this special recognition:

Ms. Howell continues to show great skills at building students’ sense of community, fostering a sense of caring and responsibility while driving for further cognitive and academic learning through responsive teaching, explicit instructions, and engaging lessons. Furthermore, during the tough time of distance learning, Ms. Howell showed great skills at fostering understanding, supporting different emotional and academic needs, and building relationships through her extra live session of “Chat and Chill with the Teacher”. She went above and beyond in her ability to connect and support her students. My son was having a tough time adjusting to a new way of learning. She took the time to do a video call to chat with him and establish a plan with home to ensure a successful outcome. We are very thankful to her, and all the care and love she has showered our child with.

To read more about FCPS Cares please visit the following website:

Ms. Howell